Tuesday, September 30, 2008

No Chips for Jack Today

This week, I've been going to work at 5:30am in hopes that I can leave earlier and be home more. Jon is going to work a bit later and staying later. So far, this schedule has worked (day 2, anyway).
This morning, I sat down at my computer to do a little work at 5am before I left for the office. I heard this rustling in my pantry. I thought, oh man, I have another possum under the house. Better call my guy to have him set another trap!

I begin to make Jack's lunch and head into the pantry for the chips. Well, all of a sudden a giant mouse/rat came running at me!

I screamed bloody murder!!!

Jon comes running in wondering what was wrong. "Chips. Pantry. Mouse." was all I could muster.

Turns out that my big strong husband has but one weakness when it comes to critters...rodents. I feel like everyone has something. For me, it is cockroaches. They scare the pants off of me. Maybe it was living in Savannah where they fly at your head or maybe it was just one too many times I swept one up thinking it was dead and it turned over and scurried away on my arm. I don't know but I don't touch them. At all.

Now, rodents on the other hand, I'm ok with getting rid of them as long as they don't come charging out of the pantry at me.

Time for me to put my big girl panties on and build a mousetrap, myself. I happened to have LOVED the game Mousetrap growing up. Maybe it was just good training for my future rodent extermination duties.

So, I immediately jump into game mode. Here is what I built in a matter of minutes. Not bad, eh?

Jon had to reach into the pantry to grab the peanut butter so that I could fashion the trap. That was HILARIOUS! Anyway, the mouse/rat was going to run up the ramp to get to the peanut butter and then tumble into the trash can. Jon was then going to carry the trash can out and set him free. Not that I want mice here but no need to kill it. However, Eva is immuno-compromised and I'm sorry, it had to go RIGHT NOW!

I leave for work and leave my hubby in charge of the disposal. I get to work and am sitting at my desk. Jon called. "It's in the kiiiitcheeeennn!!!" Somehow it had escaped my trap.

Alas, time for your demise mouse/rat. You had your chance. Now, for all you animal folks, don't go writing mean notes about how horrible I am to kill the mouse/rat. It CANNOT stay in my house and I have no time to mess with this. That mouse/rat chose the wrong house to enter. End of story.

So, I left downtown, headed to the Depot, bought my supplies and headed home. Set all the traps in the kitchen and then I looked at my watch. 7am.

We did not catch our friend today but I've reset all traps for tonight. Maybe tomorrow Jack can have his chips. We'll see....


Laura said...

We have them at our family beach house. They freak me out...but bats freak me out more.
Hope you get those rodent bad guys.
(Really funny picture.)

Vicki G. said...

Hilarious! I love your homemade trap but those creatures are much smarter than we think.

We had a mouse in our house a couple of months ago. My very macho husband called me while I was out running errands and informed me that he had just seen a mouse run across the room and then asked what he should do. He is the toughest guy you'll ever meet, but he can't deal with rodents either. I sure wish I had a recording of that call. :)

Good luck!

Vicki G. said...

P.S. L'Shana Tova!!

susan said...

You are hilarious! Maybe you'll still be able to release him without killing him, but I hear you. I couldn't stand having a rodent in the house.

chicklegirl said...

That. Is. So. Funny. Of course, it takes a mom to build a better mouse trap!

January said...

Ummm ... good luck with that!

Dad 2 eight said...

Oh my. You will have to get that Rube Goldberg device patented. What is that adage about building a better mouse trap and the world building a pathay to your door? Sr. Bink, I don't think I would stay around waiting for anyone to knock!

Amy Jo said...

We had a mouse in our house once too. Like you, I tried to do the humane thing and trap him alive. When I took him outisde and let him out (a good ways from the house mind you) him promptly ran for the house, scurried inside of the tiniest hole you have ever seen, and went right back into the pantry.

It was at this point that I became ruthless. Let's just say that he is no longer with us.

Show no mercy baby!

UnderdogTX said...

Anyone who ever saw the movie "Ben" can relate to my phobia.

vnlopez said...

I know extactly what you mean. I can do bugs but I CANT DO CREATURES! I come from the city and I dont do gardcen mice or garden snakes or anything else thats meant to stay indoors. Your brother laughs at me, for my dear husband its easy because he says he's used too living in the South, me on the other hand not so much.

Nan and Gid said...

That is quite a contraption!!! Too funny. We had mice in our house growing-up. Once they pooped on the pillows on the same night I was having my FIRST sleepover at my house (it was so unbelievablely embarrassing). My mom put traps in all the drawers in our kitchen. I don't think I should go into anymore detail. But, eventually that solved the problem. Good luck! Keep us posted.

carolee said...

i can't stand rodents in the house. get it out. no matter how. (and you know what i mean)

once, the cats found one in the middle of the night. they helped us catch it. we put it under a bucket on the porch with the intention of relocating it to the meadow across the street the next morning.

too bad we're both morons. the thing froze to death in the night. it was winter!

we felt horrible.

(but when push comes to shove, they must not live in the house.)

did you get him?

Greta said...

Too funny! Love the mousetrap.

I share your fear of cockroaches. They freak me out. Once, I almost jumped out of a moving car because there was on on the floorboard of the car. Husband (boyfriend at the time) had to pull over because I probably would have killed myself trying to get away from a little cockroach.

Vickie said...

Is everything all right? Just thinking of you all.