Saturday, December 20, 2008


Today, I hit 25,000 visits on my blog! Holy cow! That is amazing to me. It is so amazing that so many folks care about my family.

Now, I know that since Eva got sick, the number of folks reading this went up dramatically. I mean, it's not like 25,000 folks suddenly decided that there was this quirky Mom blathering on about her kids and thought they should read about it. I know the real reason.

I tell you, that little baby is so fortunate to have so many folks who care about her!

While we're on the topic of the site meter, I have to say that I quite regularly take a look at who is looking at my blog. I mean, since I write so much about my kids, I want to make sure that there aren't any crazies downloading pictures of my kids, you know?

I once read from a pal of mine how someone she knew was so excited that so many folks were looking at her blog. Her site meter was going through the roof and she was feeling so confident in her writing! Of course, when she dug deeper, she discovered that people were finding her because they had a thing for women who wore eyeglasses. EWWW!

The reason I mention this is that there are often funny ways people find my blog from Google.

In honor of the 25,000 folks who accidentally or purposefully found me, I thought I would write
the top five google searches to find my blog that I see.

1-The one I see the most is that they are often googling Bon Jovi lyrics (I mean, who wouldn't? he's AWESOME!)

2-I get found because of the 10,000 times I talk about the Imagination Movers.

3-Recently, people have been finding me because of my love letter to my Dyda. Seems like "Love Letter to Mom" is a popular search.

4-Of course, neuroblastoma comes up A LOT.

BUT, by far my favorite, in honor of my friend who shall remain nameless is #5

5-Someone found me recently by googling "Zac Efron fan club."

Gotta love that internet!


Laura said...

How funny is this? I was curious and nosey to see who number 5 was!!!
Twas I!!!
You're so nice.
Thank you for the shout out.

Joyce Ellen Davis said...

Congratulations on your 25,000! I used to blog under the name of My Uncle a bunch of hits from Malaysia and points east. Discovered that "pepek" means vagina over there! :D What a disappointment my little blog must have been....

I found you via our friend January, who rules!

A Merry Christmas to you and all your loved ones. xo

Laura said...

I tagged you. (Sorry- like you need something else to do.)