Sunday, December 07, 2008

What Time Is It in Southeast Asia?

This is an actual conversation that occurred in the car today as we headed to East Texas to cut down our Christmas tree.

Jack was sound asleep in the back seat.

He pops his head up and says, "Mommy, what time is it in Southeast Asia?"

Jon and I just look at each other.

Jon: "3:15am, buddy"

Jack: "Oh"

End of conversation.

I think that might have been quite possibly the funniest random conversation I have ever been involved in.


Laura said...

That is so may want to start a list on your sidebar.
Hopfully there will be more to come.

January said...

Well, that is very random!

A few weeks ago, Alex asked me "What are eyes made of." And I didn't know how to answer him!

Love those random questions from our kids.

greta said...

LOL! Wonder what he was dreaming about? :)