Saturday, December 06, 2008

Lunch for Life

Hi everyone! Our good NB friend Erin posted about the Lunch for Life program. This is a program that is a fundraiser for the Children's Neuroblastoma Cancer Foundation. The money they raise goes to fund neuroblastmoa research.

Each year, they do a fundraiser where children can sign up to have a virtual tree. You can "give up a lunch" ($5, $10, whatever you would spend) and donate it to help fund research to save a life like Eva's. For every $5 you donate, Eva gets an ornament for her "tree."

Here’s how it works: Eva has her own virtual giving tree, and your donations will decorate those trees with ornaments and (ultimately) presents. Every donation has three effects: 1) Eva's tree receives 1 ornament for every $5 you donate; 2) every donation generates a Giving Code which can get you bonus ornaments when your friends type it in; and 3) each ornament placed on a Eva's tree creates one entry for Eva into our Disney World giveaway.

For example, if I donate $15 to Eva's tree, then that places 3 ornaments on her tree, creates 3 contest entries for Eva, and generates a Giving Code for me to pass along. When a tree is full (500 ornaments), those ornaments transform into a present underneath that tree, and the decoration process begins all over again.

To donate, go to Eva's Lunch for Life website
Our Giving Code is 31557

Here's your shot to eat healthier by bringing lunch from home AND help children like Eva fight.

Thank you all so much for your support.


Laura said...

I will be doing this.
Great idea.

Vickie said...

I hope all of Eva's many fans will jump on board this opportunity to do some real good this holiday season. Who doesn't need to give up lunch? It makes room for an extra piece of fudge.

Thanks for linking Erin's site. i wish I had more imaginative entries these days to make it worth our visiters' while.