Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Here's a Quick Note on Eva

Went to the doctor this afternoon. Eva's counts are back to normal! WBC 9.6 ANC 3.24 Wahoo!!! I stopped the neupogen shots on Saturday so this is an ACTUAL not enhanced by the shots reading! YIPPEE!

So, that said, we have an appointment on Wednesday for an MRI.

As you know, when we started chemo, Eva had a tumor hugging her spine about four inches long and about an inch wide. After two rounds of chemo, we did an MRI and it showed that the tumor had shrunk to one by one inch!

So, it is our hope that after two more rounds, all is clear. That would be the best way to celebrate Christmas. If it is not clear, we look at more chemo, maybe surgery or what the doctors call "watchful waiting" and Jon and I call the "do nothing plan."

We get the results of the MRI on Friday (the 19th) morning. Then, we decide what the next steps will be.


cancersucks said...

Great news! Those neopogene shots are painful, too. I'm thinking positive thoughts and sending thoughts and prayers your way. I have my 3 month on 12/'s always hard to have those appts. around the holidays. Thinking of you all!

Dad 2 eight said...

Great news. I am so thankful and most proud of the tenacious Little Eva. But I am also proud of her very tired and loving Mom whose love has helped bring this about.

Greta said...

Woohoo! Praying for all clear!!