Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Confession Tuesday-Mardi Gras Style!

It's that time of the week, again! Confession Tuesday! I know that my father (Happy Birthday, Daddy) would be so pleased if I ACTUALLY went to confession but for now, this will have to do!

First, Happy Mardi Gras!

In keeping with this wonderful tradition, it thought I would theme my confessional based on the Krewes.

Rex-The King-So, the king of beers won again with the Superbowl ads. My confession is that "Bud Light, Suck One" is my new favorite phrase.

du Vieux-The Bawdy, Bad Boys-Speaking of bad boys, Jack got sent home AGAIN today! Ugh, what is wrong with my child????? I'm really depressed about it.

Pegasus-The Winged Horse-We're off to Disney on Sunday morning for a week for Jack's 4th birthday. Since I've been flying so much with the kids by myself, I really want to sit in first class, sip Bloody Mary's and leave Jon in the back with the children. Is that wrong?

Muses-The Inspiration-I have not been too inspired recently. I don't know if it is the new job or the fact that I'm too tired to read anything but I'm really ready for something to kick start my brain.

Shangri-La-Paradise-Friday night, I heard a big thump on the house around 2a. I got up on Saturday morning only to find that a tree had fallen on the house in the middle of the night. My confession is that I'm really hoping it did some major damage because I had wanted to remodel that part of the house for sometime.

Barkus-The Pet Parade-I hate cats. No, I really hate cats. I once told a neighbor in Virginia that I was allergic so that I did not have to pet her cat.

Orpheus-God of Music-Jon bought me Bon Jovi tickets for Christmas and I know for a fact that there are only 69 more days until the concert. I'm more excited than I can say.

Bacccus-Greek God of Wine-We had some friends over on Saturday night. So, after umpteen margaritas and two bottles of wine which my girlfriend and I mostly polished off ourselves, when they left I actually opened ANOTHER bottle of wine. I could not find a glass (??) so I ended up drinking most of it from the bottle. Yes, like the winos on the street. All that was missing was a paper bag.

Laissez les bon temps rouler!


susan said...

You are always good for a good laugh and a good outlook (even with red walls. I look forward to you every week.

A new job can tap our creativity. I start a new job next Monday, and I'm hoping I won't drop off my writing. I'm writing more consistently now than I can ever remember. Maude, knows I don't need to stall again.

Happy Mardi Gras!

p.s. Thanks for coming by.

mariacristina said...

Your confessions made me laugh! Especially the one about you in first class, and where you're drinking from the bottle at the end of the night.

Poor Jack! He'll figure it out. Maybe he wants to be sent home!

My confessions are kind of lame compared to yours. I just sort of wrote whatever came to my head. Thanks for the inspiration!

...deb said...

Damn. Funny. Even the cat part. (I am a crazy-cat-lady, but have always had friends I loved who were not...)

I say yes to first class and more drinking from bottles.

Happy Mardi Gras to you, too. And have a great trip.

This confession thing is fun, but yours was a hoot (except for kid part, sorry.)

Laura said...

Maybe Jack is like my absolutely ADORABLE nephew Graham who was asked to please leave his play group....Ouch said my sister.
My Tuesday confession to you is that I watch the Bachelor. I am pathetic. But does my confessor watch it too? Does that make my confession nullified?
Serious questions here.

polkadotwitch said...

how could we not have known we were separated at birth?

my son jack just turned 6. don't take it personally that he's in trouble. i promise you it's just the name "jack." i've heard it many times before.

margaritas? enough said. wine from the bottle. (these are your confessions, not mine, so i don't have to come clean)

paying particular attention to a commercial with the tag line "suck one"? i LUV you.

and honey, all moms deserve to fly
first class while their husbands and children suffer somewhere else. :)

strawberryfields4ever said...

I thoroughly enjoyed your post :) Don't sweat the creativity...you will be on the up swing in no time I am sure. I definitely think that you should go to Disney first class! It's his turn! Turnabout is fair play! :) Hey also...I don't know if you have read it already, but if you need a book to take with you try The Red Tent. Marvelous book! Absolutely beautifully written...Have tons of fun with Mickey!

Goodnight, Mom said...

Thank you for your kind words. Good luck on your new job!

Your confessions are not lame! I love to read yours!

Your comment reminded me of those people who say, "some of my best friends are black". :) Hey, some of my best friends ARE black! :) Thanks for your comment!

I'll save my Bachelor confession for another time. No comment. :)

Yes, it must be in the name! Good to know I'm not alone!

I loved the Red Tent. Excellent suggestion, I might have to revisit it!

Dad 2 eight said...

As you know, Mom painted our master bath the brightest red I have ever seen. I told her that when I am in there meditating, I don't even have to turn on the light! Persevere with the Jackster. Remember, if I had owned a gun when your brother JJ was in high school, he would have been a casualty. And look how sweet he turned out. I saw him at the bank today with ashes on his forhead. He told me he was giving up the XBOX for Lent. ( You know what a sacrifice that is.)So there is always hope. Looking forward to Disney World next week.

Love you.