Sunday, February 24, 2008

Sunday Scribblings-Passion

It's Sunday morning of my Superbowl. It's Oscar time! As you can see from yesterday's post, today is a very big day for me and for my fellow contest participants (Sembra, O'Neil, Legaspi, you're going down!)

Jana at PoetMom wrote today about her passion for the movies. Besides my kids/family, movies are the thing that I am most passionate about.

For me, it started very young. I was 7 years old when the first Star Wars came out. We were at the beach at our house. My brother Gordie (age 9) and I were dropped off at the theatre to watch the movie. I remember how we thought my dad was the coolest person on the planet because when we begged him to let us see it again, he let us. I still remember so vividly how Gordie and I snuck back into the threatre with such giddy excitement. Now, as a parent, I think my dad must have been SOOO happy for the break! Of course, I still think he's the coolest person on the planet. :)

I saw Star Wars in the theatre 28 times. I'm not kidding. That movie was so amazing to me and started my love of the movies that continues today. When I'm stressed, I watch a movie. When I can't sleep, I'm up watching a movie. When I'm sick, I watch a movie. I love old movies, MGM musicals, Woody Allen flicks, there really isn't much I won't watch (well, save a few of the movies that are dreck that have come out in recent years....that is another topic).

As many of you know, until recently, I had not had a full-time 9-5 job in almost two years. During that time, most Fridays, I would do what I called "Double Feature Friday". I have a whole system worked out at a local theatre on how to watch one movie and then sneak into another one with no time wasted between shows. Bring my lunch and it's a day!

Yes, the 7 year old still lives inside of me.

I'm settling in early today for the night. My heart is racing. Will I win and get to keep my beloved trophy? Will I have my first-ever loss?

Let the games begin!


Betty C. said...

That is great that you have been able to nurture your passion for movies continuously over the years. I have found that raising a family got a little in the way of that passion and a bigger one for me, reading.

fearfullymade said...

I watched Star Wars over and over as a child and I think Return of the Jedi was one of the first ever films I saw in the cinema (I was only about 1 when the first film came out).

January said...

Kristi, this can't be your first loss. I'm sure you've lost before.

Will be in front of the TV after 7 p.m. No big Oscar meal tonight--we're having Chinese food. Yum!

Star Wars 28 times? That explains so much!


Goodnight, Mom said...


I haven't lost yet, my dear! And no, I've never lost in all the years. I've come awfully close but never at the bottom. I've always had someone to pad my fall (mostly you! ha ha ha). We're not doing anything either. Jon is cooking chicken, I think. We're just too tired this year from a very long weekend. Bout the same time for me so we'll meet on the red carpet!

giggles said...

Wow I can hear the passion in this post! You need to find a job related to movies in one way or another. I have never heard such passionate description of a drive to see movies. This is a gift you need to pursue!! I enjoyed this post so much. I think when people are passionate it draws people to them! Thanks for visiting my blog by the way! Glad I came here! Thanks for reminding me about the Oscars!

Sincerely Sherrie

texasblu said...

You saw Star Wars 28 times? wow. I remember traveling an hour to go watch it in Houston (we lived in the boonies back in the 70s) and then laying in the back of the Dodge hatchback (ah - the days before seatbelt laws) and envisioing xwing & tie fighters duking it out in the night sky...

great memories. I have a passion for reading and writing like you do for movies. I think that's great! :)

redness said...

You're wonderful! Your passion is so real, so honest, fun and enjoyable. Just watched it here! So did you agree with the Oscars, Is the academy making way for unknowns? A review please ;)

tumblewords said...

Twenty-eight times? Amazing passion, that! :0 Nice post, enjoyable read!

January said...

Look who's laughing now, sista!


Lucy said...

I LOVE your passion for movies, I also love movies but I don't love the movie theater anymore. I guess I've grown too intolerant of the inconsiderate people around me.
Your star wars exper. reminds me of mine with YOung Frankenstein ( I have a post about it).
Have you rented gone baby gone yet? I really enjoyed it and my husband and I are still arguing over different sides about the ending!
thanks for visiting my choc. passion cake post!

rebecca said...

28 times! OMG I don't think I've ever watched ANYTHING 28 times! however, i can tell you my hubby has probably watched all three Godfather movies 28 times...

I remember when Star Wars came out. I was 17 or 18 at the time and hubby and I were dating then and took my 7 year old nephew to watch it on the big screen in NYC. Well, the kid did not eat his popcorn, drink his soda...he stood at the edge of his seat through the ENTIRE movie without blinking. When he got home, he immediately went to get his play-dough and recreated ALL of the spaceships from memory to its tiniest, tiniest detail!!!!! The kid has a photographic memory and today his oldest reminds me very much of him....extremely focused on what he likes to the obliviousness of everything else....well, that is the story that I most remember from Star Wars..

Sorry you were handed the YOU SUCK award...i called Javier Bardem (which BTW he looked hot!) and Daniel Day Lewis (love that man, such a poet) on their wins; in all others I failed!

But like you, I love movies...old, new, musicals, westerns, you name it....

Goodnight, Mom said...

I only wish that I could find a job in the movies! Wouldn't that be just terrific!?

Ahh, the hatchback rides! Many of the times my brother and I saw it twice in a day.

Yes, thought that many of the winners were great. Just didn't pick them! Also, I really liked the show, unlike several other folks, I know.

That is the great thing about going to the movies on a Friday morning. You have the place to yourself! I'll check out your Young Frankenstein post. I also love that movie.

If only I had a creative mind and hands that can make things out of play-doh! I'm sure if anyone had been nearby me when I was watching the movie, they would have said the same thing about me!