Saturday, February 16, 2008

Jack Fights Lord Vader

You guys know we're in Disney World this week. We have had the most fabulous time. More on the trip later but I thought I would post this today for our family/friends so they can see Jack in action.

I have to say, these short videos below don't do it justice. Jack was certainly the comedic foil in the Jedi Training Academy's 9:40am training class at Disney's Hollywood (formerly MGM) Studios. He could not get his sword to open so the Jedi Master had to keep handing him his. He wandered off when they were all getting their swearing in as new recruits. He forgot to duck when he was in battle.

But, I was SO proud of him when he battled Darth Vader.
I swear, later we watched the video together and he said, "Mommy, did you see me beat Darth Vader??!!! Wasn't I great?!! I hit him SOOO hard!" That made this entire trip worthwhile.

Enjoy! (feel free to sing in your head... dum, dum, da dum, dum da dum, dum da dum)


Alex said...

This is too adorable for words. Way to go Jack!

Laura said...

I'm starting a Jack fan club...we are called THE JACK PACK!!!

January said...

You'll make a jedi night out of him yet! How cute!!