Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Confession Tuesday

Happy Tuesday, everyone! Sorry for the delayed post. Have my first board meeting for work tomorrow and lots to prepare!

On to the confessions:

1) Yes, I lost the Oscars Contest this year. Badly. I only got 9 right on the whole evening. It was really sad.

2) I might keep the winners trophy for a bit before I mail it to Jana. Jon suggested that it might be a way for us to get Jana to come visit. That sounds pretty appealing.

3) Things I'm sick and tired of:
-That I know too much about Britney Spears/ Britney Spears' children/ Britney Spears' clothes/ Britney Spears' dogs/ Britney Spears' eating habits, blah blah blah
-Katherine Heigl--she just bugs me
-Donald Trump's hair
-Recordings of "famous" people who call my house to get me to support a certain candidate
-Paris Hilton--why is she still in the news?

4) Things I love (outside of the obvious friends and family answer):
-The Wire
-The smells of bacon and popcorn
-Singing karaoke in my den and in public--and I'm really bad!
-Project Runway
-Sleeping in

5) Our dishwasher went out a couple of months ago. After a comedy of errors on home shield's part, the parts finally came in this week. Two weeks ago, kitchen sink got plugged. We have had to wait forever! for a plumber to come so we have been taking our dishes to the bathroom sink to wash.

6) I got tired of washing dishes in my bathroom so I bought paper plates, bowls and plastic spoons. Am I environmentally friendly? No. Do I care? No. I'm not washing one more damn thing in my bathroom sink.

7) My little daughter Eva went to the doctor this week. The doctor told her that she was in the 25% in height and weight. 25%? I'm nearly 6 feet tall! Sigh. At least she's proportionate. I've nicknamed her "Nubbin" It might stick.

8) Jack likes to tell me how much he loves me all day long. It's a little game with us. I love you more than this and I love you more than that. Today, he told me that he loves me more than diapers. I don't know how I feel about that.


Anonymous said...

that comment from jack is funny. maybe he really likes diapers. :)

Christine said...

These are great! You're perfecting the art of the confession. I bow to you.

I love sleeping in too. Can't wait till Saturday. Do you and your husband take turns?

Nubbin! Diapers!

You're keepin' it real with the paper plates. Why don't you just share a pot and give everyone a fork- feeding at the trough. Poor you. Hope your dishwasher is fixed by now.

Goodnight, Mom said...

I guess so. I'm just not really sure.

YES! We have taken turns since Jack was born. I get Saturdays and Jon gets Sundays. It is sacred. Sink gets fixed this afternoon...YIPPEE!

Dad 2 eight said...


I presume you mean the fragrances of popcorn and bacon that you favor do not occur simultaneously.
And as for karaoke, one of the best Christmases we ever had as a family was the one where you brought the karaoke machine and the Dozier Family Singers put the Von Trappes to shame.

January said...

Alex is going through a similar "I love you" phase, too.

Thinking about you, the Nubbin, and the whole Bernstein clan.