Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Senior Moment

Today was a bit trying.

Eva's appointment today was set for 8:30am. We were told to be there at 8:15am to meet with the anesthesiologist. Eva was not allowed to eat or drink after midnight (called NPO in hospital-speak). For Eva, that meant 7pm when she went to bed.

I was pretty happy this morning when she slept until five minutes before we had to leave. So, off we go to the hospital today.

We arrive on time. No problem, they say, we're just waiting for the anesthesiologist. OK. One hour later. Still waiting. Someone finally comes out and says, bad news. The anesthesiologist has been held up so they have to call for another one. Well, I totally understand this. This happens a lot, I would imagine. BUT, here's the rub, as Jon would say, she can't get here for another hour! That means 10:30.

Within the first hour hanging out in the waiting area with a daughter who has not eaten or had anything to drink in 14 hours, I pretty much spent my wad of tricks to entertain her. You start to get desperate as the time ticks away and you start grabbing at anything to find to use as a game. Eva, here's a bouncy ball I keep in my purse! Hey! How about some lipstick! Let's re- stack the magazines! Again! Wow, look at this neat brochure on lung cancer! Pretty pictures!

We decided to take Eva up to the lobby area that is a wide open playground. Here's the trick. Keep Eva as far away from the gift shop as possible so that she does not see the bright shiny balloons staring at her waiting for her to come play with them!

While we were up there killing yet another hour, this very nice family came up to the play area. With them, they had their three daughters. Their 19-month old daughter (one week older than Eva) had just had an MRI and had been NPO for many hours. So, guess what she has. Goldfish, Teddy Grahams, suckers, apple juice...a smorgasbord of treats! Fortunately for us, the mom was so understanding and WITHOUT my asking, made all children but the 19-month old (who poor thing WAS starving!) put away their food immediately so that it would not taunt Eva. That camaraderie of parents of sick children is amazing.

At 10:30, we head downstairs, again. The anesthesiologist arrives around 11. Hours without food and water? 16

We get called back and she says immediately, I'm SOOO sorry for the delay! I said, no problem, I totally understand, I just want to get this over with so poor Eva can eat! She says, Yes, for sure! Boy, I just had a "senior moment" today.

Senior Moment?


WTF? YOUR SENIOR MOMENT IS WHY MY POOR DAUGHTER IS STARVING NOW? Oh, and by the way, YOU are administering the anesthesia on her????!!!

I was SO angry but at this point, I just wanted it to be over so that we could get this poor child to some food.

I won't go into all the details of how horrible it is as a parent to restrain your child while they put a gas mask on her little face. You all can imagine that. I can say that MY restraining of Eva days are over. This is really a job that Jon needs to handle from now on. I just don't think I'm built for it.

Here's the bottom line. Eva came through like the champion she is. We will get the results on Thursday afternoon when we meet with the doctor.

Oh, and tonight, I had a Family Hospital Board meeting. I was sure to mention my "senior moment" today to the President of the hospital.


...deb said...

That is just incredible. What an incredibly stupid move for such a smart doctor.

I am so glad you got to share the moment with someone at the top of the food chain.

What a sweet girl. I am shamed by how grumpy I would have been in the same circumstance.

I'm sorry, too, for the restaining part. How awful for a parent.

Big hugs, and I'll be looking forward to reading your good news later in teh week!

Laura said...

I guess that doctor missed the class on "things not to say to mothers." Yeesh. Yes, let Jon do it. I don't even like picturing having to pin down a little girl for a mask.