Monday, June 02, 2008

Confession Tuesday

On a Monday....
So happy to be back in my house again. I swear, I have discovered that if you replace a 25-year old air conditioner, it is amazing how cool your house can become! Hooray!
The fleas are all dead. Or as I like to say, "las pulgas son todas muertas"
Today, I had to take Eva to the doctor's office for some preliminary blood work for her CT tomorrow. This is the first one that she has had since the surgery. Of course, I am scared to death but I just have to have hope that all will go well.

Anyway, on to my confession. The fact is that somehow with the 27 people who called me at various times to schedule this, I ended up at the wrong doctor's office for her blood work. They did the blood work, which was AWFUL, so of course, I cried alongside of Eva. Afterwards, I ran into Eva's doctor in the hallway. I do love him but sometimes he can be a bit blunt. He told me that I was in the wrong place in his "I'm very disappointed in you, Kristi" voice that only my father can master. I, of course, burst into tears, much to my horror. Completely inappropriately. As a matter of fact, I was waiting on some information so I grabbed Eva and sat in the waiting area outside so that no one could see that I was crying. I mean, WHAT is that? I'm REALLY not an emotional person. Cried TWICE in the doctor's office for no real reason?
Got to work today, worked all day long and then around 3:30 or so, knew for a fact that I was going to vomit. I raced home so that I would not do it at the office.
My immediate thought was, of course, inappropriate emotion + vomiting in the middle of the day = pregnant
Here's my thoughts on the way home to vomit. 1) I don't want to be pregnant right now. I've got enough to worry about. 2) Let's see, Friday, I had champagne during the Sex and the City movie and then several beers at Jack's end of school picnic, Saturday, had four beers at my office summer party, Sunday, spent the afternoon sipping margaritas at my sister-in-law's pool. Why is it that I always seem to find out that I am pregnant after a weekend bender? 3) I really don't want to be pregnant right now.
I am not pregnant.
I took 2 Clearblue Easy tests just to be sure.
I was really frustrated at the Walgreens today when I went to purchase said pregnancy tests. All the signs were in spanish. Not spanish on one side, english on the other, which I could totally understand given where I live but ALL spanish!?!!!?? What is that?
They locked up all the pregnancy tests behind this glass case. I had to have a manager come open them up for me. I asked her why they did that and she said that that was one of the most popular things for people to steal. Huh? If that many people need them, make them free!

I felt a bit embarrassed asking for someone to come over to help me unlock the pregnancy test case. Like, I'm looking out for my parents to come bounding around the corner to see me looking at the tests. No, Mother, I'm not looking at those pregnancy tests. Oh, look here they are, the maxi pads I came into the store to find. Yep, just me, here in the Walgreens, looking for maxi pads.

Won't get the test results from Eva's CT until Thursday but will post tomorrow what I know.


Vicki G. said...

I once cried at the post office because the clerk was frustrated with how I taped my package. Of course it had nothing to do with the clerk, or the package, but anxiety from another issue altogether. You have every right to cry whenever you feel like it after what you've been through.

I can so relate to the pregnancy test story. Try buying a pregnancy test at Walmart, with three kids and loads of groceries in your cart, a line of people behind you, and a very intelligent six year old asking you why you need it. I wish I could have taken a picture of the check out lady's face.

Here's to good test results, all around! :)

January said...

Sorry the dr.'s office was such a hassle. Do you want me to have him "taken care of?"

(Note to readers: that's a joke)

Are you sure the fleas are dead? Maybe we'll visit now. :)

And I'm glad you're not pregnant--only because it's not what you want right now. But feel free to make me an aunt again in the near future.