Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Confession Tuesday

Greetings friends!
Happy Confession Tuesday straight from the laundromat, again! There is a rumor that my washing machine might get fixed tomorrow. I'll believe it when I see it! So, here I am on a Tuesday night, again, at the "washteria", according to the sign.
You know, what's really strange is that I'm starting to see some of the same Tuesday night regulars. Kind of makes me feel a bit nice seeing my new washing friends. This place has become my own little washing machine-filled "Cheers". Makes me want to sing:

"Washing your clothes in the world today, takes everything you've got. Taking a break from your children, sure would help alot. Wouldn't you like to get away.... Sometimes you want to wash where everybody shows they care, and they don't judge your underwear..."
I can barely walk tonight. As I have mentioned, I'm on the diet plan. So, I joined this "Fit Camp" at the Y. I, of course, refer to it as "Fat Camp". It is a Boot Camp-like class. More like a kick you in the butt camp. She worked me HARD today! So, my shins and hamstrings are sooo tight! I know in the long run this will help me. I just hope I start to see results sooner rather than later!
Yesterday, we had this speaker come to work. Now, let me just say, he was a really nice guy, BUT he was one of those touchy/feely types. I won't go into the details of our exercise but for me, it was just a bit too introspective.
Now, I'm all for emotion. I mean, you should have seen me sob my face off last night when my favorite bachelor had to say goodbye to his 3-year old boy on the Bachelorette. THAT'S real emotion!
I was thinking about what else makes me emotional. Here's a quick list:

-When Eva kisses me
-When Jack says, "Mommy, do you know how much I love you?"
-My family
-When Jon writes me a note in a card longer than two words.
-The Color Purple--Like every five minutes in that movie!
-Saying goodbye to my friends who live far away---again!
-Whale Rider--OMG the Sob-Fest Hall of Fame
-Hearing my Dad sing the Ave Maria
-My grandfather's smile

What's on your list?
Ooooh, clothes done!


January said...

Hope the washer gets fixed soon. I mean, that way you don't have to sing!

Good for you for sticking with Fit Camp. I'm sure you'll see the results sooner than you think. It's good to do this with others--makes the exercise a little easier with a partner.

And I love your list.

Great confessions.

...deb said...

Fun post...you are so enthusiastic (chin up!) about going ot the laundromat (I never knew what was so automatic about it). I count that as the worst thing in the world, and I don't have two (adorable) kid.

Great list.

I am with you on the over-emo...some things are not meant for business meetings.

I scrolled back to find out the latest on Eva...I am thrilled for you all and think do-overs on a new year is a fabulous idea.

Good for you for boot camp. I am not a fan of work-out pain and hope stretching will keep the shin splints at bay.

Vicki G. said...

I also actually enjoy the laundromat. I think it's because all the laundry gets done at once and you feel like you've really accomplished something when you leave.

My list would include:

* Looking at baby pictures of my "babies" who are now almost as tall as me.

* Thinking about my Grandma

* Smelling the salt water when driving home to Virginia Beach. I love living out in the country/ suburbs, and I don't miss the traffic jams, but the ocean.......

Laura said...

It makes me emotional when I come to visit my blog friend Krist's blog, and she abandons it for DAYS!!! I cry and cry.

The Bachelor...I'm thinking Jason...was that the one you had a tv crush on?

Your cheers song is hysterical. I sang it in my head as I read it....well...because..I'm a dork.

Anonymous said...

I loved your list! I, too, actually love the laundry mat if I have time to enjoy it.

My list would include:

Watching Anne of Green Gables (the one with Megan Follows) - I cry and cry because it is just SO GOOD.

Listening to the last song in the movie "Cast Away" - it brings me to my happy place *Ü*. I had to buy the soundtrack!

The smell of Play Doh and Crayola crayons - they remind me of being a carefree kid!

Hearing the "all clear" after my child's checkup!

Lynora in Alaska

Dad 2 eight said...

Hey, we all want to go where everybody knows our name...even at the washeteria. Glad you like my "Ave Maria."