Friday, June 20, 2008

Things I Love About Summer

Here is a list in no particular order of things that I love about summer:

-Peonies are available everywhere (see photo)
-The smell of sunscreen--particularly coconut-scented ones
-More daylight
-Grilling out at my sister-in-law's pool
-Ice cream socials
-White wine with ice cubes
-Sun tea
-Cold, cold iced tea with orange slices
-The jolt of cold after a hot day when you cannonball into a pool
-Sleeping outside
-Sundresses and flip flops
-Big straw hats
-Relaxing on my friend's boat
-Eating outside
-Will Smith movies
-My wedding anniversary
-July 4th fireworks
-The opportunity to go to the beach (although not that often in Dallas!)
-Long walks after dinner
-Picnics at outdoor concerts or movies (yes, Laura, ON BLANKETS!)
-Tomato and cucumber salads just pulled from the garden with salt, pepper and a splash of vinegar (minus the tomatoes for me!)
-Grilled fresh corn
-Baseball in full swing (no pun intended)
-Sandboxes to make sandcastles
-Fresh basil
-Visits from family and friends
-Playing in spraygrounds and water fountains
-Walking barefoot in the grass

Happy Summer Solstice!


Laura said...

I have become a SUNFLOWERS freak!!! I love them...especially the Gigantic People Ones...

Picnics on blankets....for people who like to pretend they are having a good time....KIDDING.

January said...

Enjoy your cucumber and tomato (minus the tomato) salad! Love you list, except for cherries.