Thursday, June 19, 2008

Confession Tuesday

On Thursday! Wow, this is a new record!
A little delayed this week in posting. Am completely exhausted. Have not slept more than four hours for various reasons for the past five nights. Last night, however, I went to bed at 8pm. Can't wait to do it again tonight! (Especially because of what happened below!)
Went to Jon's 25th high school reunion in western Mass. this weekend. It was terrific. I tell you, it is just gorgeous up there. Every time I head to New England, it just PAINS me that we don't live on the east coast somewhere.
Saturday night, we had the reunion party (which was a total blast). I got to bed around 12a. We stayed in the dorms and had a room for the girls (Eva and me) and one for the boys (Jon and Jack). At around 2a, I hear a knock on my door, it is these two guys and a girlfriend of theirs who used to live in my room and wanted to see if their names were still inscribed in the ceiling tile from 15 years ago. Uh, no. An hour or so later, I have another knock on my door. It is Jon coming from the after party. He wants to sleep in my TWIN bunk bed. Uh no. Then, I get back to sleep. About an hour or so later, I get another knock at my door. It's Jack. HE wants to snuggle in my twin bunk bed. Well, who am I to deny him?
Sunday, we went to Boston to see my bestest pal, Jana (poetmom) and her family. We had SUCH a great time. Although, heatmeiser Jana would totally disagree with me, I thought the weather was spectacular. It was the high of around 60 and cloudy! For a Texan, that is like someone turned on the air conditioner outside in the middle of summer....ahhhhhhh.
I miss Jana and her kids SOOO much! I wish that we lived closer! This way, we could plot to have our children marry each other. Well, maybe we'll still do that from so far away, anyway.

I had a very odd dream last night. I think that I have completely fallen in TV love with Jason from the Bachelorette. Last night, since I slept for 11 hours, I had the ability to really dream. So, what did I dream about? Well, I went on a "meet the family date" with Jason in Seattle. I mean, it was DETAILED! I met his parents and his son Ty. Let me just make it clear, this was a PG (well, PG-13) dream. What was so funny was I kept waking up at various points of the night completely unaware of where I actually was and completely not understanding who was in bed with me (sorry Jon). Every time I would wake up, I would fall right back into my little dream. It was a good night.


Laura said...

Okay- he is clean cut and seems nice. But isn't he the one that the rest of the guys don't like? I would have to think that he's a dirty dog if ALL the think he's a tool.
But dream on sister....

And the tree? Yeesh.

Goodnight, Mom said...

NOOOOO!!! That is JEREMY!!!! Yes, he IS a tool! Not my beloved Jason! He's the super sweet single dad! Jeremy...ugh!

January said...

I love love love this photo. The kids look so happy. Sorry I couldn't join you but looks like y'all did fine without me.