Friday, June 06, 2008


Well, as I have written about before, I am on the diet plan. I have my high school 20-year reunion looming in the distance in October and I have a good bit of weight to lose before then. That said, I also just want to be healthy.

With all that has gone on and as we found out yesterday, still going on, with Eva, I need to put my energy into something that makes me feel good and feel strong enough to handle whatever crap seems to keep getting thrown at us!

To that end, I signed up for a boot camp at the Downtown Y. This was the first week we were doing it and unfortunately, I missed the first day for Eva's CT and the 2nd day for a prescheduled appt. So, that left me with no exercise this week.

I had been seeing these signs all around the Y for a class called ZUMBA! That's how you saw it. All caps and an exclaimation point. Now, what is your first indication that this class will kick your behind? Is it the caps? Is it the exclaimation point?

For those who have not done this before, it is basically a salsa/hip hop/african dance aerobic class. With an exclaimation point!

I have to say, I had a ball. But I did learn that I have absolutely no rhythm nor any ability to balance on one foot while shaking my shoulders and kicking my leg in the air.

There goes my Dancing with the Stars dream.

If you do see a class at your club/Y/rec center, I do highly recommend it. As a person definitely out of shape, I can tell you, you will really, really get a work out! AND one day, maybe I can use those moves at the dance club...OMG, I could barely write that without laughing!


jencooper said...

Kristi -

We were destined to meet at FAB. I have read your blog from beginning to end - laughed and cried! I am saying lots of prayers for Miss Eva - and the whole family. Keep us posted!


Dad 2 eight said...

ZUMBA sounds like Rumba with an attitude. I know how you feel about those reunions. When I went to my 40th in 1999, I was amazed at how old my classmates looked but their spouses looked great. Turns out most were on wife two or three. I think I'll stick with St. Eva...She can still ZUMBA! with the best of them!