Tuesday, April 08, 2008

One Down, 23 to Go!

We had Eva's one month oncology appointment today. Well, with the exception of being laughed at by the doctor for my overreaction to the teething incident, all was well! :)

We have to wait a week for some tests but they took a chest xray and it all looked good!

We have monthly appts for the next two years. I'll just mark them with a tick mark on the wall.

Now, off to Canada for the rest of the week! Let's sing it together, shall we? Ooooh, Can-a-daaaah, our home and native laaaaand...


Vicki G. said...

Have fun in Canada! We went to Toronto a few years back. Make sure you know your Canadian terms. Always know where to find the "biffy" and don't be a Gorby! Be sure to pack a nice warm bunnyhug and don't forget to count your loonies and toonies. Eh??


Anonymous said...

congrats on getting the first one behind you. have a great trip!

Dad 2 eight said...

Enjoy your few days in the land of Political Correctness run amok. One of the few good things remaining about Canada is its national anthemn. Maybe we could steal it..like we did Texas.. Other than those who sing in the Met, who in the H&^% can sing the Star Spangled Banner!!