Monday, April 07, 2008

Confession Tuesday

Confession Tuesday, ah, I missed thee...

Before I get going, I wanted to give a little shout-out to Gabrielle Frankowski who made her debut this week. Sure excited to get to know you, little one, when we get to JazzFest in a couple of weeks!
First up, I am typing this confession one-handed while eating a chocolate popsicle. It is not a "real" chocolate popsicle but those folks at Skinny Cow sure know how to make a tasty substitute.
It took me five minutes to type that last confession because I kept hitting all the wrong keys. I think I'll take a break and finish my popsicle.
Tonight, I had settled in for my weekly reality TV fest of Dancing with the Stars and The Bachelor. I put the kids to bed and off I go into the world of ballroom dance and the trash "romance"! Nubbin, tonight, would not cooperate and kept screaming and screaming. I was pretty bitter about having to go get her and bring her into the den. (I know, I'm TERRIBLE! but it is MY night!) Anyway, she sat on my lap, drank a cup of milk, bopped to the music, clapped at the end of each routine, and laughed every time Tom Bergeron came up on screen. It was actually like watching it with a friend! Nubbin was a much more engaged person than the usual grunts I get from Jon! Yes, Nubbin, that was a fantastic paso doble! I, too, agree that Marlee Matlin is consistently underscored! What did YOU think of all the glitter? I think we have a new routine, she and I. Sleep? Who needs it, little girl, Dancing with the Stars is on!
I'm completely in love with this hardwood floor product my father introduced me to. It makes my floors look so SHINY that I am completly addicted to it. My dad told me to only put it on once per month. The first time I used it was two weeks ago. They got slightly dingy so I put three more coats on Sunday. I keep staring at it and showing everyone who comes into my house. Look at my floors, aren't they shiny? I need to be stopped.
I just killed a spider.
We were having a discussion at work about nicknames. It reminded me of a post Jan did a while back about all the names she could recall being called in her life. Here's mine in no particular order:

Resel, Binky, Bink, Binkster, Binkarama, Binkums, Aunt Binky, Aunt Bink, Aunt Kristi, Stinky Binky, Stink, Prissy Britches, Pris, Eva's Daughter, Gordon's Daughter, Dorothy's, Gordon's Ruth's and Paul's Granddaughter, Kristi, Anne, Dahlin', Roomie, Ding-a-ling, Sister, Big Sis, Friend, Special K, Gorgeous, Baby Girl, Shithead, Bitch, Dino, Miss Dozier, Doz, The Doz, Mrs. Bernstein, Princess Aurora, Azz Kik'Ah, Azz, Wife, 'Mam, Sweetheart, Love, Babe, Pumpkin, P2, Honey, Hon, Sweet Girl, K-Dog, KD Kanopy, Dumbass, Jack and Eva's Mom, Mommy, Mimi, Mom, Goodnight Mom

I can pinpoint each name absolutely with a person who called me that name. And, with the exception of Shithead (which was a name bestowed upon me by my mother's father, I might still need therapy for that one!) , well, and of course, Bitch, I pretty much love them all.

I'm sure that there are many, many more but that is all off the top of my head.
I'm off to Montreal for a work conference on Wednesday morning. I'm excited on several levels. One, I get to meet some colleagues from across the country and two, I've never seen Montreal. Honestly, I'm most excited to get chocolate croissants. (Thus, the Skinny Cow popsicles...can you bank calories!)
I get back from the conference on Sunday night. Monday night, it's BON JOVI, BABY! Have been waiting since Christmas for this concert!!! Maybe he'll pull me up on stage for a Livin' on a Prayer duet. That's right, Jonny, you and me, baby!
Today, it was so warm outside. When I got home from work, the kids and I started to weed one of my gardens. Jack broke out the hose, he accidentally sprayed me so I grabbed it and chased him around the yard spraying him until he was soaking wet. Poor Eva got caught in the crossfire but she is such a good sport, she thought it was great and kept running into the hose. We laughed, and laughed. It felt good to be spring, again.
One last confession. Tomorrow is Eva's one month appointment with the oncologist. I know that everything will be fine but I am still scared to death.


Anonymous said...

Um, you missed "Azz kikah" and "Princess Aurora!"

BigE Po'Et/Amit

Kimberly said...

I am hoping all went well at the oncologist today.

Have fun in Montreal. I am so looking forward to being able to visit there myself sometime soon. Since we moved to Vermont, it is almost closer to visit Canada than anywhere in the US. A few co-workers are from Montreal and say it is beautiful. Have fun and have a chocolate croissant for me :o)

christine said...

That was a cute story about you and nubbin watching Dancing with the Stars. Anything to stay awake with Mommy!

You obviously have a lot of personality, I can tell from your writing, and also from all the names you've been given. Where is that father of thine mother? I'm going to give him a choice name or two.

It's fun to come here and read up on all your fun comments. Your sense of humor must get you through some tough moments. Jack and nubbin are lucky kids.

Goodnight, Mom said...

Big E,

You are right! I will take care of that immediately and edit the post!


...deb said...

It is so fun to read the details of a stranger's life. It reads like a lovely life from this end, especially with Eva getting good marks.

Love your names, and that you can remember who gave them to you. I don't think I could remember mine or the bequeather.

susan said...

Have a great time. As usual, I feel happy after reading your blog.

January said...

What's the name of that hardwood floor product? Do tell?

I think the hardest name out of that grouping of names is "'Mam." Great list. When I did it, I became one of my favorite posts.

Glad Eva is well after the one-month check-up.

Oh Canada, Oh Canada!