Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Confession Tuesday


Well, I can breathe a sigh of relief. For the past several weeks/months, I have been planning a function that was tonight. It is over. I can return to being my normal self. Return to my kids, return to my hubby, ahhhhhhhhhh.....

Tonight's event was a celebration of the end of my annual fundraising campaign. We still have not met our goal but are VERY close and I know we will get there in the next week or so. It sure would have been nice to be there now, but alas.

On to the confessions!
Although I have been exhausted from working late hours, ignored my children and husband since the day I started, and stressed so much that I have not slept in the past three months, it has felt really good being at my job. I really like it and I love the folks that I work with. After two years of being home and that wonderful stint at the newspaper (that I also loved), having a high-pressure-must-get-it-done-now job feels kind of good. I'm not sure how I feel about realizing that, though.
I wore my Bon Jovi hat to work on Friday. I could not wait to break it in. One of my co-workers related that I was like that middle school kid who wore the concert t-shirt to school the NEXT day after the show. Yeah, I'm STILL that kid.
Today, for the first time, someone called me out for being offensive on my blog. He was right and Dave, if you're reading please see my response to your post. You know, I write so familiarly and think that everyone knows me so well (and honestly, the majority of you guys do) but I forget that some people do not know me. So, I do have to be careful. I do feel awful for writing something that could hurt someone's feelings. And, I appreciate his input.
While I will do my best, I'm pretty sure that it won't be long until I offend someone again. I mean, the sad part is that I write whatever pops into my feeble brain and even still, I'm far more offensive in person. There is NO filter there! Just ask Joseph.
I'm leaving for the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival with my hubby and kids tomorrow. This will be my 18th Fest. 18 years! I can't believe that I have been going to that festival for that long! It will also be the 8th anniversary of when I started dating my husband and I'm pretty sure it is the 12th anniversary for Jana and Tim (long overdue for another Fest trip!)
Speaking of starting to date my husband, I'm looking for some good ideas on how I can tell the kids that Daddy and I started dating. Meeting while intoxicated at Pat O'Briens during JazzFest does not seem to have a good ring to it, so I am open for suggestions. Just for the record, don't suggest church because as many of you know, Jon is Jewish and I'm pretty sure the kids would be on to us if we tried to slip that past them. Any of you have any good stories Jon and I could steal to make our own? Also, I'm sure that Jana and Tim could also use some suggestions, as they are in the same boat.
I can't decide what to eat first at the fest, crawfish bread, crawfish Monica or BBQ shrimp over spinach. Can anyone offer any suggestions?
Here's a sign of the times. The only band that I know for sure that is playing at the Fest this year is the Imagination Movers. They are a NoLa children's band that they show on Playhouse Disney. Last year, at the Movers concert, I think that the parents were rocking out as much, if not more than the kids....Yeah, sing it Smitty! Please and Thank You ARE magic words!
Ok, time to get packing. So much to do! If I don't get it done tonight, Jon will do it and heaven only knows what he will pack for my children. Eva will have all Chelsea soccer club gear to wear and Jack will have a suitcase of Hawaiian shirts. Time to get crackin'!

Until we meet again...


Anonymous said...
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Dad 2 eight said...

Here is how you and Jon met: It was in a museum, exhibiting the works of Salvador Dali. While contemplating his great work, The Last supper, your eyes met Jon's. You knew at once that this sensitive and artistic young Jewish man was one with whom you could have and enjoy many "suppers." And, thus, it came to be. So that's the story...stick to it.

PDW said...

for now, i think you just leave the intoxicated part out. you met at a bar (or restaurant) at a jazz festival. they'll ask questions about your drunkenness when they're older and then i vote that it's probably OK to confess it.

i also have to edit my story for my kids. my husband was dating my best friend when i met him. (i know you all hate me now.) but he was also part of a group of friends that i met through band and he was first trumpet blah blah blah. i just leave the friend story-line out of the plot for now. besides, it wasn't exactly as bad as it sounds. be gentle. i was only 19.

oh, crap. maybe i should just tell them -- and all of you -- that i was drunk. maybe it wouldn't make me look as bad. :)

Migs said...

Do they serve food at Patty O's? Maybe you can just say you met at an eating establishment. Lucky and I told Julianna that we met at a football game. Nevermind that it was at the post-game tailgate party, and the first thing I said to him was, "can I have a sip of your beer??" and the only other thing he remembers me saying that night is, "can I put my head in your lap?" It was totally innocent. I swear!

Secondly, I have to know who you offended and how! I couldn't find the comment, nor could I see anything offensive on your site. From one offender to another, you don't need to apologize!

January said...

I confess, I'm just getting to last week's confessions. Glad work and life seem to be falling into place.

And welcome back from NOLA!

Hmmm ... our 12-year anniversary "first date" anniversary is Friday. Cool. Thanks for the reminder.