Sunday, April 13, 2008

Montreal--Part 2

Well, it is Sunday and I'm still here.

We have had a fantastic time. The conference was great and I learned a lot. The only thing was that for 48 hours, I did not leave this hotel. I was going stir crazy!

A View from My Room

Don't get me wrong. My bed was great, I had a huge tub with bubble bath that I purchased and could watch the American President in French but I really needed to do some walking...and soon.

So, Friday night, I finally convinced a local to direct our merry crew to a local joint away from all the touristy stuff. And they did. We had dinner at this terrific restaurant in a neighborhood and walked around in the cold, rainy/sleeting weather for a bit. It was like heaven for my lungs.

Yesterday, we finished the conference, and had some time to shop. I will firmly admit that while I have a great sense of direction, I absolutely took us the wrong way on our journey. But, we got to see far more of Montreal than we had anticipated so that is not so bad.

Last night, we went to a light show at the Basilica Notre Dame. It was simultaneously the one of the neatest things I have ever done and one of the cheesiest things I have ever done. Honestly, i can't even describe it to you to do it justice. Here are some things I learned, however: God is an Irishman; you can die sitting up and never drop the book you are holding; and apparently, you can come off a two-year voyage to a new world in the 1500's with a clean, white, starched shirt. I do have to admit, the timing of the rest of the show was fantastic. You really got to see what an amazing place that is. It is hard to pack that much in a $10 show! But, if you happen to be in this fair city before June, it is worth a look. If only so that you, too, can act out your own version of the video.

The Altar

In an attempt to do the polar opposite of that experience, one of my co-workers and I headed to a bar to watch the end of the hockey game and celebrate with the locals. That was fantastic. Their team (the red one) won and people poured into the streets, dancing, singing, and running in between cars to celebrate with those going by. It was great and I'm so happy we did that.

Random Revelers

Today, a quick tour of the city and then off to the airport home.

Tomorrow, when I have my camera cord, I'll upload some pics of the trip. That is, if i have time before the BON JOVI CONCERT!!!!!! Less than 36 hours away....


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