Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Confession Tuesday

Good evening! Getting a bit of a late start!

Well, this is not really a confession but LAST NIGHT'S CONCERT WAS AWESOME! Jon surprised me with floor seats so we were up close and personal! I cannot speak for Jon (although I often do!) but I'm pretty sure he was shocked to see his wife scream like a 16-year old for three hours. Maybe I should be ashamed of my behavior but I don't care. JBJ is my man. Just look at him!

My favorite part of the evening was when Jon (mine) could not take it anymore and just sat down in the middle of "I'll Be There For You". Then, all the people surrounding us (including the two guys behind us) started to serenade him. "I'll be there for you, these five words I swear to you, when you breathe, I want to be the air for you, I'll be there for you..." That picture will be forever burned in my brain.
I bought a $35 hat at the concert. $35! For a hat??!! But you know what? I'm wearing that puppy all through JazzFest. Jon will be so happy and proud to be with me.
So, we got home at midnight. When I woke up this morning, I had an email from our CEO asking me to speak at our all staff meeting. Crap! It was then that I was thinking that maybe I should have had some dinner with my beer. And perhaps, maybe I should NOT have screamed like a 16-year old for three hours because I had what Jon calls my Brenda Vacarro voice. I frantically made some hot tea for the caffeine and the vocal chord work! I think I pulled it off, though. Hopefully....
Montreal was amazing. If you have a chance to go, I highly recommend it. As great as it was, though, I was happy to get back to my babies at home. Five days is a long time to be gone.
I'm exhausted. Recently, it seems that I have been doing some really late night activities. Normally, I'm an in bed by 9 kinda gal but for the past couple of months, the nights have been filled with activity. Maybe it is just gearing up for summer. I don't know but my 38-year old body is feeling it. This weekend, we are heading to Austin to the Old Settlers Bluegrass Festival. Next week, it is JazzFest in New Orleans and I never get any rest there. I need some sleep!
Eva has been difficult lately. It seems that she has developed a knack for temper tantrums. A co-worker recently showed me this video and I have to admit, as hilarious as it is, it hit a little close to home. I guess that it made me feel a bit better. Also, I'm dealing with the fact that I feel a bit guilty because of Eva's cancer, if I don't take her in my arms and hug her every minute. What if her time is limited? I know that is completely irrational and I am actually doing BETTER for her by attempting to change her behavior but still...
The flip side is that Jack has been AMAZING recently! I don't know if it is the fact that he is growing, or the new classroom or the fact that we are keeping him all day at school but honestly, he just seems so happy at home. It is quite a difference from the sour puss we had visiting us for the last year or so.
Tonight, as Jack went to bed, he told me that he wanted to give me 100 kisses. I said, go for it! Then, he counted out 100 kisses on my cheek. What a way to end a chaotic day!


January said...

Eh ... Bon Jovi? Maybe some confessions you should keep to yourself!

(just kidding, sort of)

Glad you had a nice time, and I hope your presentation went well.

Ahhh, Jazzfest!

Laura said...

I don't love Jon Bon Jovi butI love that YOU love him and that your husband supports your rockstar boyfriend quest.
My moviestar boyfriend was Alec Baldwin until he called his daughter a pig then I broke up with him.

christine said...

Wow! You have an active musical life! The closest I ever get to a concert is the Boston Pops on PBS! Just kidding, but really you sound like you're having lots of fun. And you deserve it.

My sister adopted a baby girl from Guatemala. Because she's "different, " my sister tends to coddle her. We all know this, and understand. It's hard to be firm. you'll find your tough mommy legs under you soon enough.

Maybe you should videotape her tantrum, and let her see it some day! Would that be bad? My kids are teens now, so I'm out of the loop.

Hooray for sour pus Jack! What a sweetie.

Debra said...

I did not appreciate the genius nor the pure "hottiness" that is JBJ until a friend bribed me to go to a Bon Jovi concert about 6 years ago...with sixth row seats. It was AMAZING!! I sang my heart out! I LOVE JBJ now. So...I feel your excitement and love of JBJ. So glad you got to go...I know that Jon's friends must have razzed him hard.

Flession said...

Oh, sure, everyone gets excited over you going to see the Bon Jovi concert, but when I actually MEET the man, the only response I get is JP texting me "So?"