Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Montreal--Part 1

Well, in spite of the chaos that was Amerian Airlines today, we had a TERRIFIC flight here. We were fortunately booked on a 737 instead of the MD-80's that were grounded! It was touch and go for a bit as we were wondering if 1-flight would somehow get moved or 2-the promised storms would move in early and delay us.

Neither happened.

So, here I am in this terrific city. I have a room on the 18th floor of this great hotel overlooking a domed cathedral with the "mountain" in the background. I have a huge tub and a four-poster king size bed with NO ONE coming to visit me or screaming for me in the middle of the night. It could not be better...

Oh, yes, it could! I just turned the tv on and they are showing a documentary on ABBA in french!

Mais oui, c'est tres bien! Bon Soir!


Cher said...

Seul ? Tout seul ? Je suis un morceau jaloux !

Apprécier votre séjour et profiter des luxes ! Vous le méritez !

Tremper long et dormir tendu !

January said...

Have fun in Montreal! I hear it's a great city to visit.

Emjoy the privacy.

Jonathan said...

I don't know what you're talking about. Eva slept 12 hours and didn't make a peep. Jack was a dream child, did everything I asked, and easily went to bed, sleeping over 10 hours without ever coming in (even through a thunderstorm).

All's peaceful on Arboreal Drive. Have fun. Les Habs are at home tonight in the NHL playoffs. Now THAT'S worth some jealousy points.

polkadotwitch said...


but i could be there in three hours by car.

hello? can you hear me over the bubble bath?

what? it's creepy that a stranger might follow you to another country?


Goodnight, Mom said...


I'm in a conference all day so the bath is just sitting there unused! come on! :)


Anonymous said...

As a lurker for a week or two, I am jealous of your alone hotel time! I LOVE being in my own hotel room! Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!

I am also praying for little Eva and the whole family - my son Daniel was dx with Hodgkin's in 2006 - forever changed - but he's been in remission since 6/2006 PTL.
We have our next check up in June.

I wish I could add some French like your other signers but only my girls have taken French in school! *Ü* Lynora in Alaska