Sunday, April 06, 2008



You never know how much you used the internet until you can't use it any longer! It was like my whole connection to the outside world was suddenly gone! For 10 days!

Now, I have definitely gone for a bit on vacation without internet service but I seem to be mentally prepared for that. It was a conscience decision to turn off the outside world. I celebrated my ability to be disconnected.

No so, my friend, this time.

I pouted each night to my husband. When are you going to get them here to reconnect me? Have you called SBC? Do you need the number? Unfortunately, SBC is one of those weird accounts that Jon is the only one that they can talk to (don't get me started). Usually, that is ok except for when this kind of stuff happens and I need him to do things.

It was the end of my annual fundraising campaign so it could not be a worse time at work to not have internet access at home. I usually send files home and work on them when the kids go to bed. But, I could not work at home, so I had to stay at work and thus took me away from my family longer. It was tough.

The thing that hurt the most was I was cut off from my favorite blogs. What is Jana up to? Laura? Amy Jo? Cher? Carolee? Pat? Daddy? All those NB kids who I regularly check on?

I have a reading routine, damnit, and I can't see what others are writing! I can't Confess on Tuesdays, I can't Scribble on Sundays...ahhhhhh!

Maybe it was a good lesson on addictions.


Laura said...

It's about FREAKIN' TIME!!!!!
Well, I am so glad you are back. I felt like you moved away.
.....ahhhh all is right with the world...

Alex said...

I feel ya sista.I currently do not have internet access at home and it's driving me mad. It's like living in 1991!

polkadotwitch said...

i'm on the list! wow! i have an addiction. i mean, i am an addiction. hopefully, i'll be kind and not make you put weight on or giggle or act foolish in front of the neighbors. (but would just a little foolish be OK?)