Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Confession Tuesday

Ok, so it is Wednesday.

Sorry for the delay. Just got back from vacation, had a busy day at work, blah blah blah, all the excuses we use for not writing.
Not much to confess this week. I've been an angel.
Who are we kidding.
Let's see. Had great time at Fest. On Friday, Jack was off with his grandparents (thank you!) and got a sitter for Eva so that Jon and I could go off to Fest by ourselves and enjoy the day sans kids. Jon and his BFF Neil took off so he left just us gals by ourselves, generally, a dangerous thing to do during Fest. Kristi, Hannah and Cheryl, responsible parents/citizens became Doz, Coco and Shug, our 20-something alter-egos. We had a blast.
On Saturday, Jack could not wait for the Imagination Movers to play. We were really excited to take him. Here's a confession for Jon. He injured himself really badly by pulling a muscle while dancing to a children's band. Don't let him fool you will some cool story. He pulled it at a children's music concert.
Here's another confession for Saturday. We kept our children out in the rain at the Fest for three hours. I know, we're awful parents. They were having fun running in the mud, we were having fun running in the mud. Maybe I'm not that responsible, after all.
I think that Eva has a cold because she played in the rain for three hours. I feel really guilty about that given everything that she's been through.
I had to take the most depressing online class today for work. Child Abuse Training. It was AWFUL and I feel so sorry for those kids who have to deal with it! Of course, when they were talking about children abusing other children, one of the indicators to watch for was children who are obsessed with their body parts or the body parts of others. I immediately thought of my baby boy who likes to drop his pants and yell, "Look at my weeeeeeeeeei-ner!!!!"
SERIOUS CONFESSION ALERT! I'm actually a bit late today in my confessions because I've been off my game a bit. My beloved grandfather, Dyda, had a stroke on Sunday. He's ok right now but I'm off to NC this weekend to visit him. Dyda's stroke just put me over the edge. Austin Meglar received his Angel wings on Thursday, I have 6 CLOSE friends whose mothers are very sick/and/or are in the hospital now and I still have not recovered from the Eva/Jack crisis. I keep wondering when it will all stop so that I can get my footing back. So, when does it all stop? Ever?


Dad 2 eight said...

I think Texas Social Services confiscated over 400 children from the YFZ sect for less abuse than my grandshildren seemed to have suffered in New Orleans.

Anonymous said...

i keep wondering about finding footing also. maybe life is that children's music concert -- a blast but muddy and rainy. and SLIPPERY. hopefully hard to be sad too long on account of all the music.

Michelle said...

Oh no! I'm so sorry to hear about Dyda! I hope he's OK. I only met him once a long time ago, but I remember it like it was yesterday. You were living with him in Virginia & Eric (remember that guy?) & I came to visit you. We arrived at his house & you were still at work. He welcomed us in & said, "Make yourselves at home. There's cold beer in the fridge. I'm going to see my girlfriend in Richmond.", & he left. He was gone all weekend.
He still inspires me to believe that at any age, you can start over. Every day that you wake up to face the sun is a gift & a chance to do all the things you've ever wanted. Sometimes, the day-to-day drudgeries make us forget to "live" our lives and take those chances. I've found that with Violet in my life, I can sometimes see things through her eyes and even the smallest things, like butterflies, are fresh and new to me.
Stay strong & remember, things happen for a reason. You may not see it clearly now, but it will come with time. You are a strong spirit and the people in your life need that from you. Even if it is just to see your fantastic heartwarming smile.

Please take care & know that when you feel like life has beaten you down, you have people who love you that will lift you back up.

PS: I'm glad you liked your necklace. There is a special reason that I got it for you. It was handmade by Angels in the Parlor. They are cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy & they make jewelry to pass the time & make it a happy experience. All of the proceeds go to buy more materials for them to make more jewelry. Also, the dragonfly on the necklace is a Native American symbol of strength.

I'm here if you need someone to talk to. Just call.


January said...

I'm keeping Dyda in my prayers.