Tuesday, March 04, 2008

The Nub

Good morning from chilly (so I hear) Dallas!

Yesterday was a blur. We all escorted Eva to the OR, Eva in my arms, Jon beside me and the tech pushing her crib ahead. We had 10 family members walking behind us. Eva was waving hi to everyone as we went by. I said it was like the world's worst Mardi Gras parade.

When we met with the surgeon, he said that he reviewed the ct scan again and had concerns that it was somehow attached to the pulminary artery and would not be able to be removed at all. They could, of course, not confirm any of that until they went in but it would only take a few minutes to do this. If it was attached, they would just biopsy, give her a port, and close her up. Great! More stress!

As my Dad wrote yesterday, all went well. He said that it was REALLY big for a little Nubbin. He said that it was the size and shape of a plastic football. God only knows how she could function with that thing in her!

Eva is doing well. She is still in the PICU. In meeting with the oncologist, he said that he has never known a child to have Eva's type of tumor to need chemo. Obviously, it depends on what the path says. Within the ganglioneuroblastoma family, there are good ones and bad ones. He said that the way that Eva looks right now, his guess is that it is a "good" one. We'll just wait and see.

Eva is on some pretty heavy drugs right now and they are weening her off so she can get back to her room later today. When we got there, they told me all they were giving her and wanted to make sure that was ok. I said, whatever she needs to make it through the night tonight, I fully support. The dr. was very happy to hear it and said that some moms don't want their kids to have any drugs. I told her I was not one of those moms. Drug her up! The last thing I want is for her to have pain today!

We can't use cellphones or computers while we are in the PICU so if I am a bit delayed getting back to you, please forgive me. As I have said, we are so happy and thankful for everyone's support through this.

Finally, a happy, happy birthday to my baby duck, Jack! We are having a celebration here in the hospital later this afternoon. When I talked to him today, he asked me all kinds of questions about Eva's surgery, "how did they put Eva's chest back on?" "didn't the needles poke her?" "why does she have tubes?"

Here's a shot of him at Disney from a couple of weeks ago! Happy 4th Birthday, big guy!


Laurie said...


So happy for everyone. Glad that the Bernstein's can breathe a little sigh of relief and see the sunshine.


Anonymous said...

Kristi and Jon,

So happy/relieved for all of you! Happy Happy Birthday to Big Brother Jack!

Much Love,

From all the Peters!

karen said...

Happy Birthday Jack! You are such a big boy now!!! Give your mom and dad and sister a hug from us. We love you!!!!

From, The soon-to-be North Carolina Doziers :)

Joseph O. said...

Love, love, love y'all! & I can't be any happier to learn that darling Eva got through surgery, and the prognosis is good. She's a trooper! Will call soon!

Joseph O. said...

Ooh, Happy Birthday to Jack!!!

susan said...

I am just reading what you've been going through. I can't imagine. Know that Eva, you, Jon and Jack are in my prayers and that I hold Eva in the Light. I affirm her whole and perfect health. Be well.


Maria said...

So happy to hear that Eva did so well and that you were able to have so much family there for support. That is just amazing! Did you get to keep the "football?" When J had her tonsils out, she asked the doctor if she could have them!

Do they have any explanation for how this thing came to be in the first place? I guess now I can google it since you've given it a name.

Happy, happy birthday to Jack, and welcome to the 4s!

Hugs to everyone,

January said...

Hurray! Love to Eva and to big boy Jack!

Brad Dobson said...


Take care,


polkadotwitch said...

kristi--i can't believe what i've "missed" in the week since last confession tuesday when i checked your blog 2/29. what a difference a week makes, as they say!

i am so relieved for you that both eve and jack are doing well.

i'm having trouble fathoming, like you, how fast things of such vast implication can befall us.

wow! forget the IV margaritas -- you need to go directly to a nap. do not pass go. do not collect $200.

i have only met you in the last couple of months, but hugs, hugs, hugs from one mom to another.

polkadotwitch said...


i'm so surprised and shocked. i checked in last week for confession tuesday and all was well, and in the last few days, all hell broke loose.

i'm so relieved for you that things have gone well -- a speedy recovery for all, including you! you'll need several days asleep in the bed!

isn't it amazing how quickly life changes? wow.

i've only known you for a couple months, but hugs hugs hugs from one mom to another. wow.

but i already said that. sorry.

i'm sending good good thoughts.

GreenishLady said...

I've come by from January's blog, and just want to wish little Eva well, and a happy day for Jack. So glad the surgery seems to have gone well. Blessings to you all.

Anonymous said...

Dear Kristi and Jon,
I am thinking about you so very much, having returned to my office today and the news of Eva. I'm sending love and strength and every well wish to you all. And happy birthday to that amazing Jack!
Sudie (Jill's friend)

Anonymous said...

It sounds like things are looking up! That is tremendous news. i will continue to pray for all of you.

David Zulfa

Kimberly said...


I am so happy for everyone. I will continue to keep Eva (and the rest of you) in my prayers.

Happy Birthday to Jack as well!


Anonymous said...

Happy, happy, joy, joy! So good to hear Eva is doing well. Amen on the drugs...good juju and prayers from the Saunders and a big Happy Birthday to Jack.

Laura said...

Coming from a big family myself, I can appreciate the Mardi Gras parade analogy...peace to the big Dozier family. Still sending prayers of support and healing.

jillypoet said...

Kristi, I just read Kelli's blog and came to read your news. My heart goes out to you. In fact, my heart actually aches. I am so happy to read that surgery went well. I hope your next few nights and days go as well. I will keep you in my prayers.