Friday, March 28, 2008

Ahhh! When does it stop!?!

Last night, I came home from work and Eva was running a small fever and was sweating. She also had a diaper rash. Around midnight, she shot up out of her crib and started screaming for me to pick her up. Between Eva and Jack's middle of the night antics/bedroom raids, I finally went to bed around 4am.

Prior to February 29, I would have just ignored such things. Now, not so much.

So, this morning, she still had a fever. What do I do? Jon is, of course, still in freakin' Dubai en route home with no way for me to contact him. I called her pediatritian and the oncologist. The pediatrician said to bring her right in.

I really wanted to seem cool about it and not that I was freaking out as much as I was. So, I calmly called my mother and mother-in-law to let them know that I was taking Eva in.

Everything will be just fine, I say, but in my head, I have visions of racing back to the hospital for more surgery. How will I let Jon know? He won't be home until tomorrow. Ok, good thing that Phyllis came to help me out while Jon is gone, she can just stay, if I need her to help with Jack. How can I make it through another surgery so soon?

Guess what.

Eva is cutting teeth.

I think I'll go vomit now.


Dad 2 eight said...

I wondered why I hadn't heard from you for a while!! Thank God it was just TEETH!.


Kimberly said...

Teething! Oh jeez, I was sitting here reading and then I just laughed at the end. I, too, am glad it was just teeth!

CHER said...

Oh Kristi, you poor thing. After all you've been through "cutting teeth" was the last thing on your mind BUT we're glad that's all it was! I, too, laughed hysterically at the end! I just love your humor!!

January said...

Unfortunately, it will always be like with Eva--every little fever will make you jump. That's what it's like for me and Ella.

I'm glad this time it was just teeth!

Laura said...

If I lived near you?
and you had to vomit?
I would hold your hair for you.:)

(So glad it's just teeth!)

strawberryfields4ever said...

My heart is still pounding, even after reading it was just teeth...I can only imagine...bless your heart. I hope that she will feel better soon...and that you are able to rest! Everything is always worse when you are exhausted like that...

christine said...

Poor you. You really have true grit, don't kid yourself. I'm glad it was a false alarm. At least now you have time to put some backup plans in place for when your husband is incommunicado.

Be well!

Vickie said...

Did everything turn out okay? I have been checking since your last post, just to make sure it was just teething. Eva's fans are patiently waiting.