Friday, March 07, 2008

You Know You've Been in the Hospital Too Long When...

Tonight, the patient tech came in to do Eva's regular temperature/blood pressure check. My 16-month old Eva crawled to the end of her crib, ripped off her blood pressure cuff and handed it to the tech. Then, she pushed the correct button to start the check. While the blood pressure was reading, Eva reached into the basket and grabbed the thermometer and tried (albeit unsucessfully) to put the cover on it and check her own temperature.

We all just looked at each other in shock.

Wanted to take a second to thank our very good friend Jenni who happened to have a well-timed meeting in Dallas this week. She braved the "snow" and the most ridiculous cab story I have ever heard to come visit us for a couple of hours. I am so thankful to have so many great friends.


January said...

Eva takes after her mother, fun to be around (and a heavy sleeper)!

Woo hoo! Glad you all get to go home today.

Anonymous said...

I highly suggest you get in touch with the neuroblastoma team at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer center in NYC before you let any surgeon touch your daughter in Texas. Resecting the tumor without shrinking it first is a recipe for disaster. Cutting the tumor releases cancr cells that could and likley would cause a relapse. You are dealing with one of the most serious pediatric cancers and MSKCC is the worlds leading authority on treating neuroblastoma. I am the President of the Band of Parents an organization made up of parents with kids with NB. Most children are often misdiagnosed and then mistreated initially leading to challenges down the road that can be avoided. You should share your histology report with Dr. Brian Kushner or Dr Kim Kramer at MSKCC before you take any further steps. I am not trying to scare you but treating NB is not like treating a heart attack something most any hospital is capable of doing. MSKCC treats more children with NB than any other hospital in the world. You are dealing with a rare cancer that affects aboyt 600 kids a year in the US of which over a hundred are treated at MSKCC. The worlds leading surgeon is Dr LaQuaglia and he too works out of MSKCC in NY. My sons tumor was wrapped around his aorta and intertwined throughout his chest cavity. It was succesfully removed in full after 5 rounds of chemo to shrink it and kill it during a 14 hour surgery. I urge you not to settle for less. Your surgeon being unsure of how me might attack this tumor is reason for concern and a second opinion. I wish you the best and your child is in our prayers. You can reach out to me at if you have any questions.

Larry Witt

pepektheassassin said...

Eva is one smart cookie! Glad things are looking good. Now that you're able to breathe again, I hope you can get some rest!

Travis Erwin said...

I do not know you and this is my first visit to your blog but I stopped by from Polkadot's blog, and just want to wish your entire family the best.

When my oldest was born we were medivacced from Amarillo down to Children's hospital in Dallas where my son had heart surgery. Seven years alter he is fine but those were the most trying times of my life so I know a taste of the pain you are going through.

My sincerest wishes for a full and speedy recovery.

Anonymous said...

Home, sweet home! Glad you are all heading back to the casa. Had a lovely chat with grandma Eva on the phone yesterday. Food! Glorious food, will be coming your way as of Monday! I have set up a 2week schedule so you will hopefully be covered during spring break. If at any time you are sick of the stuff we bring, just email Lisa and we will desist delivery. Hope to see your smiling face soon!! GOOD JUJU from SJES and us.

JP said...

It seems like Eva is becoming a regular and she may not even need a doctor anymore. She can just go in do her own tests, find her own symptoms, perscribe her own medicine, and you save 20 bucks. I hope she is getting better.