Sunday, March 02, 2008


Well, today has been quiet, thankfully. I even got out of the hospital for a couple of hours thanks to my dear friend, Adrienne and my sister, Angela. We put together Jack's party favors for his class. As it turns out, Jack's birthday is Tuesday. For those who know him, feel free to wish him Happy Birthday on the big day! He's a big 4!

We are back at the hospital waiting for the surgeon to come to talk to us about tomorrow. Right now, the surgery is scheduled for 2p. The surgeon is trying to take her early but who knows. We will be playing that by ear.

Several folks have asked some questions that I thought I would answer as best I know:

1) We don't know how they are going to do the surgery. When we met with the surgeon, we still did not know if it had spread yet so that determined how he was to go in. We'll know tonight.

2) Eva is just fine. She walks the halls saying hello to EVERYONE as they go by. It is hard to imagine that that tumor is growing inside her little body because she is so unbelievably happy.

She is so hilarious. When the staff come in, she just stops where she is and sticks her arm out for them to test her. Smart one, that baby, that's for sure. Today, when the dr. came by, she ran to him, kissed him on the cheek and as he was leaving, took his hand to lead her down the hallway. If any ounce of him was not motivated to take good care of her before, I'm sure he is now! That was precious!

3) Jack is doing remarkably well. Today, he recorded a little message for his sister on her new "cell phone" that I had bought for her. Now, when you hit play, you hear "I love you, Fuzz!"

You know, I have to say, while I have a moment, if you ever doubt the kindness of strangers, all you need is a sick baby to reinforce your belief in goodness.

My parents had practically all of American Airlines in Raleigh and Washington making sure that they got on the plane here on Friday. Then, they got lost on the way to the hospital and a friendly policeman took 20 minutes to explain to them how to find their way here. My sister has the most incredible story I have ever heard of on Continental airlines yesterday. They were so amazing to her.

From the staff, to the strangers who have been praying for my daughter to the other parents here in the floor with us, we are so blessed, and I am most thankful.

Eva was baptised today. I hate that it had to happen this way and that I was such a bad mom to not do it properly in the church. I'll make it up to her when we get out of here, I swear!

Please keep her in special thoughts at 2p tomorrow.

Thank you, again,


January said...

Good news all around, all things considers.

And I had Ella baptized the same way. Was going to call you to suggest it but I'm glad you had it done. Of course, we're got to do something about Alex's immortal soul--just in case.

Thanks for the updates.

Carrie J said...

I am not sure how I found your blog. I just stumbled on it. I will be praying for your little girl and your family. God bless and keep you all.