Saturday, March 01, 2008

Jack Update

So, file this under "Un-effin-believable!"

Today, Jon decided that he wanted to go home, take Jack out after his soccer game to their favorite pub for lunch, Trinity Hall. Then, they were going to come back to the hospital to visit us.

Off Jon goes. Eva and I were just hanging out at the hospital with my parents when Jon called.

Jack had a seizure at the Target.

They were in an ambulance on the way to Medical City where we are with Eva. Seriously, I do not know how my legs made it to the emergency room to meet the ambulance. Even now, it seems like a dream.

Turns out, in the world's cruelest coincidence, Jack had a febrile seizure for the first time because he had strep throat. We did a ct scan on him and that came back normal and also a chest xray. Jack is fine and at home with Dad tonight.

I thought that when I was there with Eva on Thursday, it was the worst point in being a parent. I did not know how it could be topped. Now, I will never doubt that things can just get worse. I'm not quite sure what God is testing me for but I swear, it has to be something really good.

I'm fine now but only for the grace of God and the wonderful nursing staff here at Medical City. They came in, picked me up from sobbing and hyper-ventilating on the floor, and guided my limp body to meet the ambulance.

Also, our wonderful pediatrician, Dr. Kennedy who came immediately upon hearing the news. She has been amazing to us and we would be so lost without her. By the way, Dr. Kennedy did correct me on an earlier post. She was NOT worried about brain damage to Eva from the seizure. She was worried about the fever. THAT is why we were here. I asked her forgiveness for my creative licensing! :)

A special shout out to Whit and Kelee for their help today in coming BACK to the hospital when I called them to tell them about Jack and for the delicious red wine I am drinking as we speak, thanks to Kelee. Unfortunately, the nurses could not arrange the IV margaritas I had requested, so this will have to do.

Thank you again for your calls and emails. Please forgive me if I am not quick to respond but I appreciate EVERYTHING!

And the hits just keep on coming....


Well, since Kristi experienced Eva Jane's seizure on Thursday, I suppose it was my turn on Saturday. All set for some Dad-Jack one-on-one time, we planned a trip to a couple of stores, lunch at our pub, and a trip to the hospital. Jack was hanging to me all morning, this being my first time back since I left for work on Thursday. He felt fine, and I attributed most of his behavior to our family situation.

As we headed to the checkout counter, Jack slumped over to the side of the cart and his eyes moved towards the ceiling. It looked as if he saw something interesting on the ceiling and was following it as I moved down the aisle. At the front, I said he needed to straighten up, lest I knock his head in the checkout line. Lifting him up, I thought he might be goofing off. But I immediately noticed he was warm, and his eyes were in the back of his head. At this point, no twitching or physical indications of a seizure. But I knew something was wrong.

I was standing next to a Target employee who asked if I needed help. I said, "I think my son is having a seizure." She called a few folks over. Then I saw some leg twitching and heard teeth clicking. The paramedics were called at my request. An unnamed male shopper with his two sons never identified himself as a doctor, but he stood about 10 feet away and would ask/say key things. "Has he ever had seizures before?" No. He then got the employees to get the paramedics.

I must say I was a rock through all of this. And the only reason is because I was a two-day veteran of the febrile seizure (never heard of it in my life before Thursday). Experience breeds confidence, I guess.

Our friend, Sara Wilson, who was quite familiar with our situation with Eva Jane, happened to be shopping and was standing near us. What must have been going on in her mind is beyond me. She was so kind to try to help.

Kudos to the Target lead at the desk. She calmly and quickly called 911.

The ambulance came very quickly. Within minutes we were in the ambulance. After some info passing and quick examination, we were heading to the hospital. Normally they transport to Presbyterian Hospital, but how many patients can say, "Would you please take us to Medical City since my wife and daughter are already there?" Off we went. My two disappointments: 1) Jack has no memory of our ride. 2) They didn't use the siren (and I was too chicken to ask).

Now the most dreaded of tasks: Calling Kristi. How in the hell do I tell her?


Laura said...

I had to re-read your info about Jack twice because it just seems impossible. Huh? Sounds like Jack is fine (or is on his way to fine) right? I am so sorry that you are going through this, but you seem to have a great and unshakeable support system.

I prayed so hard for Eva yesterday, by the way. I was on 7 church walk where we stopped to say different types of prayers at each church. God heard her name several times...I'm sure He thought..."all right already...I GET IT!!!"

More on the way...

Maria said...

Wow. That is quite a story. I can't even imagine how you (and Jon) must have felt at that moment. Fortunately, it sounds like Jack is OK. Julianna has had a fever of 103 for three days, and I am trying to keep it low so I don't have to witness the seizures that you have!

How is Eva as far as symptoms go? Is she sick or uncomfortable at all? Is she wondering why she is where she is? She is so little to be going through all this stuff!

An early Happy 4th Birthday to Jack. Hugs and kisses to everyone. You are in our thoughts.