Monday, March 17, 2008

Confession Tuesday

I'm going to start this off right away.

My first confession is that you know you are getting old/need a life when it's St. Patrick's Day and I can't wait to get home to watch Dancing with the Stars and The Bachelor. Is that just sad?
The Bachelor is on right now and I'm a bit bored with these women, already. I mean, why do they have to get women who are just so stupid. I miss Tessa.
The Bachelor is over so now I'm watching Pretty in Pink and while drinking a glass of milk and eating a white chunk macadamia cookie that a very kind person gave me today. Seems appropriate to have that much indulgence.
Maybe I've watched too much Project Runway but what the heck is Molly Ringwald designing when she draws her prom dress? It looks like Jack drew the design or worse, I drew the design!
I love Pretty in Pink. It is not as great as Sixteen Candles (Blane is NO Jake Ryan!), but you have to love a movie where they refer to each other as "richies".
I've stopped sleeping. Almost completely. Last night, I slept for about three hours. Now, I'm wide awake and it is 11pm. Here's the good news about not sleeping. TCM shows all their musicals in the middle of the night. Yes, I said that right. That's the GOOD thing! I loves me some MGM musicals!
Ok, it is now actually Tuesday. I did sleep a bit last night but not well. Kept dreaming that a tornado came to my house. I'm sure that has some meaning. It could be that we had tornado watches last night and that was on my brain before bed or it could the the Atlanta tornado or it could be Eva's cancer or it could be the fact that my house is a mess. I'm actually surprised that I don't dream about tornadoes every night!
I just posted something on another blog about Footloose and now I can't get that out of my head. So, everybody cut, everybody cut, everybody cut, everybody cut Footloose!!

Got something to confess?


Pam said...

We were so glad to hear the good report about Eva! Love your blog, you inherited your dad's wonderful ability to turn everyday events into a humorous tongue-in-cheek look at life. Congratulations on the 1% improvement in the marathon. You go, girl! Maybe you need some of our Happy Feet! Our George runs three miles a day with them in his running shoes. Try to get some sleep, maybe talk radio would do it.

Love you,
Pam (and Harold) Pittman

Will's Dad said...

I'm going to have to really consider banning this website from my 'to read' list after learning of your passion for musicals. However, as we debated Eva or Evelyn for my daughters name (each a great-grandmother) and my son has NB I have a special affinity for Eva in spite of your poor taste.

Goodnight, Mom said...

Pam and Harold,

Thanks for your email! Yes, talk radio would bore me to tears! Excellent suggestion!

As for you, Pat,

Well, I'm a recovering high school drama geek with no talent. My dad was in musicals in town. Guess it is in my blood. Shall we all sing "Grease" together?

strawberryfields4ever said...

Yes, talk radio will definitely do it! Try Art Bell's Dreamland...listening to him will give you crazy dreams too! He talks about everything from aliens in Area 51 to chupakabras to the Trilateral Commission. He's out there. And hey, I gave the confessional a try myself...very therapeutic!

Christine said...

I love green Eva! She has such a look of joy on her face.

How do you live without sleep? I understand why you're not sleeping-it's everything you've been through. Have you tried relaxation tapes, or are those too cheesey for you?

Your TV watching sounds fun. My husband has complete control of the remote, and all he watches are crime and detective shows. I'm not interested in police procedure and gross images. Can I come over to your house and watch? Don't worry about the mess. Mess is life.

Hugs to your babes via the web.

...deb said...

Musicals, musicals. I am sorry to hear about sleeping (did you watch 60 Minutes Sunday!?) as that will certainly wear you down. But yes, to musicals.

Your girl is a gorgeous gal in green.

January said...

Ooh, next time send me an e-mail when you can't sleep--maybe I'll respond. I haven't been sleeping much either. The kids and I have colds.

Maria said...

Speaking of Pretty in Pink, how poorly cast is Andrew McCartney in the Sex and the City knock-off Lipstick Jungle???